About Us

We are Charles & Janie Hays of Dallas, TX. In January 2012, we retired from 50+ years of pastoral ministry. Now that we have more time, we asked the Lord to show us how we could continue to serve his people. He led us to a prayer ministry that enables us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our fellow pastors and missionaries, who are still in the trenches; also, to believers and non-believers who can benefit from the power of prayer.

We believe in prayer and in the power of prayer, and how it can transcend anything any person can do or think in their own human strength. Prayer can provide answers for a troubled marriage, hope for a job, overcoming fear, help for parenting or whatever is on your heart.

Thank you for coming to this website. We hope you will trust us with the burden of your heart today. Please know that whatever request you submit will be kept completely confidential.

Please check back for updates which will include ideas on developing your own prayer life and stories of how God has answered prayers.

From Our hearts to Yours,

Charles & Janie Hays